Marie For Roswell
A Solid Voice For You


A New Voice

for Roswell.

It's time for a new voice to revitalize, improve, and preserve our city...


Revitalize and Redevelop the Right Places

Roswell's commercial corridors are in need of revitalization and redevelopment. That's why encouraging economic development and attracting the right kind of business and investments to our city should be our highest priority. 


Preserve Roswell's History and Character

Our city’s Southern heritage and riverside location are who we are as a community; our spirit and history should be celebrated. 


Invest in Infrastructure and Services

We’ve invested in our homes because we love Roswell’s small town character and the neighborhoods where we live. I’m committed to keeping the quality of life we enjoy intact and investing in walkability, connectivity, traffic and street improvements, public safety, and more.


Encourage a Strong Sense of Community

It’s you, the residents of Roswell, who make us great. Together we can maintain and improve the quality of life we all love.


Vote Marie  

Roswell City Council on Tuesday, November 7


East Roswell Library

Roswell Library

8:30 a.m. - 6 p.m.

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I hope you’ll join me in voting for Marie. She has the experience and temperament to serve Roswell’s citizens well.
— David Tolleson, former Roswell City Council member, Willow Springs resident

I can assure you that Marie is an excellent choice! She is ethical, smart, mature, engaged and prepared to serve us.
— Lynn McIntyre, Chairman, Fulton County Citizens Commission for the Environment

My impression is that Marie is against development where it is inappropriate, but is thoughtful in considering development where it is. And she takes the time to listen.
— Don Huntley, Northgate resident

Marie’s vision of controlled, quality development and extensive experience in local civic affairs should make her your first choice for Roswell City Council.
— Michael Brennan, Past President, Horseshoe Bend Community Association

Marie is a poised, informed, and experienced choice. She has direct experience with our city government and has the support of the most sensible, involved, and informed people in our community. Don’t let her small stature and quiet demeanor fool you. She is tough!
— Tai Anderson, TaiSpeak

A Voice for All of Us.

Marie is a proud Roswell resident and small business owner actively involved in building the community that she loves. Her experience both professionally and volunteering within this city makes her the advocate that Roswell needs to grow while maintaining the things that make Roswell home.


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