Marie For Roswell
A Solid Voice For You


It's time for a new voice in Roswell.

Invest in Infrastructure and Services 

We’ve invested in our homes because we love Roswell’s small town character.  That's why I’m committed the quality of life we enjoy intact And investing in Infrastructure and services.

  • Preserve the small-town feel that makes Roswell a great place to live through the appropriate application and modification of our zoning codes
  • Encourage investments and partnerships to improve walkability, safety, sustainability, and connectivity
  • Seek practical, creative, innovative solutions to alleviate traffic woes on our main thoroughfares and neighborhood streets
  • Support the efforts of our police and fire departments as they work with our neighborhoods & community leaders to provide for our safety 

Preserve Roswell's History and Character 

Our city’s Southern CHARM and riverside location are who we are as a community. Let's celebrate what makes us special.  

  • Honor our historic assets, support the guidelines that ensure their preservation, and realign the Historic District to preserve the character of each unique area
  • Enhance our city’s nationally-recognized parks and recreation system and expand our green space by implementing the Chattahoochee River Master Plan and acquiring the entire Seven Branches property to link east Roswell neighborhoods to the river and Big Creek Parkway
  • Respect our town center through appropriate redevelopment, infrastructure, streetscape, and amenities

Revitalize and Redevelop the Right Places

Our city’s commercial corridors — Along Holcomb bridge Road and Alpharetta Highway — are in need of revitalization and redevelopment. Directing economic development efforts to improve these areas is HIGH priority.

  • Involve members of our community, business leaders, and planning experts to identify and implement responsible redevelopment solutions where they are needed: east Roswell, Holcomb Bridge Road, Northwest Quadrant, Alpharetta Highway.
  • Explore and implement practical economic development initiatives, whether a study, development authority, task force, or other appropriate tools, to stimulate redevelopment on Holcomb Bridge Road east of 400
  • Support our strong local business community, as well as efforts to attract new business through appropriate incentives, programs, and strategic partnerships
  • Encourage business expansion to balance the city’s tax base and sustain our high level of amenities and services without individual tax increases
  • Support a variety of residential choices for all ages, lifestyles, and preferences, including walkable communities
  • Ensure the transportation projects funded by TSPLOST move forward in a timely manner, including the Historic Gateway @ US9 and the river and the Big Creek Parkway (north bridge over 400), while seeking smart solutions to traffic issues on neighborhood streets

Encourage a Strong Sense of Community


  • Seek ways to bring the community together through public conversations about important topics, hosting and promoting special events, creating gathering spaces
  • Promote an inclusive environment that welcomes all voices and provides opportunities for involvement and enrichment
  • Foster a sense of collaboration and shared vision
  • Strengthen the arts as way to express our sense of place and encourage economic development
  • Support the many community charities that strengthen Roswell, including: Star House, Foster Care Support Foundation, North Fulton Community Charities, Drake House, Homestretch, Child Development Association, MUST Ministries, RUMC Job Networking, and many more
  • Support our local schools, their programs, and their leadership